MDC Environmental Services is proud to serve the City of Marengo, a city with a very rich history that is treasured and preserved.  Please see below for information and regulations regarding curbside trash pickup in the City of Marengo.

REFUSE AND RECYCLING SERVICES: The collection day for your refuse and recyclables will be on Fridays. Please have all refuse, recyclable items at the curb by 5:00am on collection day.

RESIDENTIAL CURB SERVICE: We will collect household refuse contained in standard size refuse containers curbside each week. These containers shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight. Containers may be either rigid plastic or metal construction or bags. Please contact MDC for the current pricing for this service.

95 GALLON CART SERVICE: We will provide a 95 gallon tote and collect all household refuse contained in the cart at the curb each week. You may also set out additional cans or bags with the cart.

35 GALLON RECYCLE CART: We will provide a 35 gallon cart for recyclable materials only.

PREPAID STICKER PROGRAM: Residents may dispose of their refuse by attaching a prepaid garbage sticker to each can or bag that is placed curbside. Stickers are available for purchase at Wisted’s Supermarket, Brandt’s Pharmacy, Sullivan’s, or directly from MDC Environmental Services.

ADDITIONAL/EXTRA REFUSE: You are allowed one (1) free bulk item per week. A bulk item is any item which is too large to fit into the 95 gallon tote or your garbage cans. Examples include, but are not limited to, sofas, chairs, tables, mattress, boxspring. Any large appliances, especially ones that contain CFC and HCFC refrigerant gas, PCB containing capacitors, mercury switches or other hazardous components are not included and must be removed by a separate service. Please contact our office for referrals for such appliances.

Please contact our office 24 hours prior to your pickup to arrange for a special pickup for any refuse in excess of your service level per week. There is an extra charge for this service. If you require an estimate, service will be provided within one week after the estimate is given.


PREPARING RECYCLABLES: Make sure that recyclables are clean and all containers such as cans and bottles are empty. You do not need to divide recycling into individual groups.

# Newspaper

# Corrugated Cardboard (cut down into 18 in. squares.)

# Magazines

# Catalogs

# Telephone Books

# Junk Mail

# Chipboard

# Glass Bottles and Jars

# Tin, Aluminum and Bi-Metal Cans

# Plastics Coded 1-7*

* We cannot accept plastic bags, Styrofoam, 6 pack rings, oil containers as well as some other items. If you have a question as to whether or not an item is recyclable, please contact our office.


Yard waste must be contained in paper bio-degradable bags or a 32 gallon garbage can marked with a large “X”. Each bag or can must have a yard waste sticker attached. Stickers may be purchased through the same outlets that sell garbage stickers. Yard waste materials are leaves, grass clippings, weeds, twigs, etc. We cannot accept dirt, sod or large branches. Please call our office with any questions about items that may be considered yard waste.

MDC Environmental Services will provide leaf vacuuming for the City each fall. Dates will be announced in September of each year. Leaves must be raked to the curb.

Click Here for the Leaf Vacuuming Schedule.


There will be no collection on New Yearʼs Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or whenever the disposal facility is closed. If your pick-up falls on or after these holidays, collection will be one (1) day later. If any of the above holidays fall on a weekend, your pick-up day will be unaffected.



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Today, waste removal is about more than just hauling it away. We work with the cities and businesses we serve to make sure that all forms of waste are handled in ways that are efficient for our customers, safe for our employees, and respectful of the environment.

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